Friday, April 22, 2011

Sick again.

Hi sorry it's been a few weeks...
Georgie is sick at the moment - very chesty, coughing,noisy breathing etc. Ange is in bed with her reading to her now. We always get worried at these times.
We had to put her on oxygen this afternoon as well as some additional meds.

James is away on a fishing camp until Tuesday. It is very quiet here without Em and James.

Em's visa renewal came through in Vanuatu so she should be fine for a while now. She seems to be enjoying it all. Our contact with her is very limited.

We had a few days away last week down at the snowy and a nurse minded Georgie so Ange, James and I could all go. We came back on the Sunday 17th - Four years since Georgie went into Intensive Care at Westmead. Ironically (because of prior involvement through work) I was invited to attend a guest dinner at the Royal Easter Show on this same date.
There have been lots of "dates". On Angela's birthday (in 2007) we had a meeting with Drs who for the first time said  they believed there was some brain damage.
On our wedding anniversary they told us they would be switching off life support. There were others too buut i've forgotten them.
On Georgie's birthday two years ago we had to take her to hospital with pneumonia spoiling her birthday and ange and the kids crying on the verandah as i drove her to town. The drs did not think she would make the night - but that was almost two years ago.
That was an awful but amazing trip. Georgie was in the back seat and it was dark and wet. There had been no time to get an ambulance and we did not have oxygen at home then.
As I drove up the road her breathing was bad and as i went up the hill i glanced in the rear view mirror and she had stopped breathing. I began to call out to the Lord and pray and then as clear as day into my head was the command "sing!" so I began to sing and she took a big gasp and began to breathe again. I sang all of the way to town and she kept breathing. When i got there i did not know how i would get her into the ward but as i looked across to the Hospital entrance somebody had discarded a wheel chair right in the doorway so i was able to grab this and wheel her down the hall. A nurse i knew happened to come past and helped me straighten her up. We took her into the ward and we did nothing but put her on just the smallest amount of oxygen. I lay in the bed beside her all night and prayed that God would do what he wanted to do. In the morning i went to church and after church the nurses said she had made a miraculous recovery. When we went into her room that familiar peace was there and she was discharged that day. They said pneumonia normally takes a fortnight to get over.
Well we thankyou again for your prayers.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

All clear

Hi Georgie was taken to hospital on Thurs afternoon by recommendation of her Dr (who had not seen her but because the nurse rang her and said she was "deteriorating" - which was absolute nonsense. I honestly do not know what gets into their heads but as i was at work and Ange was teaching all i could do was say OK you get her there and then i'll come in later.
The xray showed there was no bowel obstruction and nothing to worry about. They wanted to keep her in overnight but i said "shes coming home" and after the Dr checked her out and looked at the scans again and the blood tests showed everything was OK they agreed there really was no point in keeping her in. What a waste of time and energy! the casualty nurses were so lovely though and made me cups of tea and so on. They really are such wonderful people.
However...... In the very next bed to Georgie in casualty was an old farmer friend of mine called Alan from Nyngan who had a stent put in his heart a few months ago and had a little scare on Thurs (which turned out to be nothing).
He waved and i saw who it was and we talked. He said is this the little girl that you've had all the trouble with? I said yes it will be 4 years in a couple of weeks and he said "that would really test your faith". I said yes - but do you know I love God more now than i ever did and i trust God more now than I ever did and he got tears in his eyes and we had a great talk. (He goes to the Lutheran church in Nyngan) He invited me out to his farm to have a look over some things.
After all that we eventually got home at 9.30pm, tired but happy in the Lord for the opportunity to talk with Alan. I had forgotten how many times these little upsets and delays in our days really are God working things out for good.
Thankyou all for your prayers.