Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tummy troubles

Hi a point for prayer.
Georgie has had some tummy troubles and the nurses are going to try to take her in to get an xray this afternoon. They are hoping it is not a bowel obstruction and an xray is the only way they can tell for sure.
I hate getting medical people involved with Georgie these days.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear all it is so nice to get those comments and to hear from some - even all the list of those at Tewantin!
Our friend Anne is back in Dubbo and making quite a good recovery after the brain op. She is getting stronger and recovering well.
Some friends came out for afternoon tea on Sunday and it was great to sit and encourage one another and hear what God is doing in their lives bringing them closer to Him.
Em is settling more and more into life at Vanuatu and sounds really happy whenever she rings up.
James turned 15 yesterday and is now almost as tall as me (Greg)
Georgie continues to have a pretty good run lately. Bit of tummy trouble but nothing much else to report.

I went out to an old friend (Blue Adams') funeral at Nyngan on the banks of the Bogan river on Saturday. (When we lived there we spent lots of afternoons skiing and wimming there)
Blue was a completely self-made man with a great sense of humour. By the age of 14 he had lived with 22 different families - mostly old aunties (who used to cry when he had to move on again etc). He left school at age 14 and went away shearing all over Australia finishing up in Tasmania each Christmas. He met his wife to be there when she was 15 and he 20. They got married 4 years later. He drove trucks and bought some Nyngan scrub country cleared it all and began farming there when people outright mocked him for doing so saying you couldn't farm that far west. He proved them all wrong. He went opal mining also and spent his money wisely and ended up owning many things. His grandkids used to say Pop why do you work so hard and he would say "so you don't have to work as hard as i do". He was always doing something (often for someone else) and could never sit still.
They had 3 children and have around 8 grand children who form probably the tightest family I've ever known. He would ring his grand kids almost every day and say "thanks for ringing me!" His wife Pauline prayed for him for years to come to the Lord and finally he did about two months ago. We were all praying for him.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23rd March

Hi there a bit of news.
We have found that Georgie's thyroid has begun to function.
This has enabled her to start to put on some weight and she has been trending toward better health for several months even though we have had a few up and downs. It makes looking after her a bit easier and is nicer for her. She has been smiling again at times which has been nice to see as she is probably feeling better in herself.
The weather has been cooling down lately which is nice.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Not too bad a day for Georgie who spent much of it outside on the verandah today. Still coughing a bit from time to time but generally OK.
We heard from Em last night (actually about 3am this morning) and again this afternoon and she said things are fine. They were all praying and Glen had told all of the students that they must pray. They were all excited that God had answered their prayers and the tsunami waves had largely dissipated by the time they reached the coastline at Luganville. Some of the locals said they saw the wave come in. last night people from the lower villages were coming up to Talua to the bible college for safety. All very exciting and we are thankful that they are safe there.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Hi there Georgie a bit chesty again today so coughing a bit which unsettles her.
Spoke with Em tonight who has been gone almost one month. She is in good spirits.
The Tokyo tsunami is supposed to reach right across the pacific affecting many islands including Vanuatu so we are praying for Em and so many others.
Our friend Anne had an operation and has been doing quite well from all i can hear.
Hoping to just have a quiet weekend at home.
strong in faith.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday 5th March A day in the Park

To all you wonderful praying folks, today we had a great day down at Orange.
We packed Georgie up and the four of us went to Orange for the day. (about and hour and a half drive each way) James really wanted to go to the bird show so he and I went and we dropped Ange and Georgie off at Cook Park which is beautiful in late summer. So we had about four hours and came home again.
Georgie was perfect.
She has been finally starting to put on a little weight and is quite healthy at the moment. We have been reducing the thyroxin since we went to Westmead and blood tests showed it was too high which means her own thyroid is better than it was i guess so she can do more herself.
We had a lovely day and Georgie "talked" to us a little this evening. Every now and then she says these little "words" which we can't really make out it is sad too of course but we love it also and thank God for every day we have with her.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st March

Hi sorry i haven't written anything for a while.
We are all well and hope you are too.
Em got away to Vanuatu safely and is settling into her life there for the next six months. She is enjoying it although has been a bit sick wit the flu and lost her voice which made home schooling her charges a little tricky.
We only have text message contact with her.
Ange is continuing two days teaching each week at Wellington Christian School which is a little tiring but at the same time is a great break and she enjoys the staff and the teaching.
Georgie stable most of the time. Sometimes little things happen very quickly but we always seem to be on hand when they do.
Nursing (home help) is gradually getting sorted out but not without some difficulties. I overheard two nurses going on and on about us all the other day it was very nasty. That is all i can say. So please keep praying for peace in our house and good home help. Pray for the head nurse too. I feel God has put her into our lives for a reason.
Would you please pray for our dear friend Anne who had a bleed on the brain about 13 days ago. She is in RPA and Drs plan to operate tomorrow to remove the blood and have said it is quite risky. (beats me) She is 72 and a great person to have around she is a wonderful intercessor and prays tirelessly. She wants to live and continue to serve God. I spoke with her yesterday and she was as bright as can be. We are reminded of Caleb who at 85 felt as strong as when he was 40.