Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st March

Hi sorry i haven't written anything for a while.
We are all well and hope you are too.
Em got away to Vanuatu safely and is settling into her life there for the next six months. She is enjoying it although has been a bit sick wit the flu and lost her voice which made home schooling her charges a little tricky.
We only have text message contact with her.
Ange is continuing two days teaching each week at Wellington Christian School which is a little tiring but at the same time is a great break and she enjoys the staff and the teaching.
Georgie stable most of the time. Sometimes little things happen very quickly but we always seem to be on hand when they do.
Nursing (home help) is gradually getting sorted out but not without some difficulties. I overheard two nurses going on and on about us all the other day it was very nasty. That is all i can say. So please keep praying for peace in our house and good home help. Pray for the head nurse too. I feel God has put her into our lives for a reason.
Would you please pray for our dear friend Anne who had a bleed on the brain about 13 days ago. She is in RPA and Drs plan to operate tomorrow to remove the blood and have said it is quite risky. (beats me) She is 72 and a great person to have around she is a wonderful intercessor and prays tirelessly. She wants to live and continue to serve God. I spoke with her yesterday and she was as bright as can be. We are reminded of Caleb who at 85 felt as strong as when he was 40.


  1. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the update.
    Firstly, of course we will pray for Anne and her surgery today - for all who love her.
    Praying for your Em and the limited contact with her, but so grateful for our Father's great love for her.
    So very thankful that God always places you where you need to be for Georgie, and continue to pray the little things will become less frequent!
    Praying for you and Ange - for strength, energy, perseverance, comfort and peace. As for the nurses, may our wonderful God reveal Himself to them through the constant love and faith they witness in your love and lives.
    And, of course, for James - as he grows and studies and does all the things a young man does.
    in His Perfect Love

  2. Lovely to hear from you again Greg. I shall add Anne to the prayer list. I hope all goes well for her. I shall also pray for peace in your house - the last thing you need are bitchy nurses. Cath


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