Sunday, June 30, 2013


Been having a bit of respite care with Georgie at Manly.Weather is wet wet wet so we are hoping for some fine weather ahead.
We went to St Matthews at Manly and heard a very interesting speaker from the centre for public Christianity talking on the value of human life. How all life is valuable no matter how limited or was very interesting and refreshing to us of course in the light of ThanksGeorgie's sickness to hear this. It is amazing how often we have had to defend Georgie's right to life and  there is a lot I could say in this regard.similarly too those who say to put her in a home and get on with our lives.
Georgie is a very important part of our family and our lives.
We are continually blessed by Georgie's little circle of friends who come to see her every so often to talk and read to her and pray with her.last time these three girls led by an older sister recently had a bible study right there on the floor of Georgie's room.Some chose to not see her anymore but these few have kept coming and are all the more mature and caring and trusting.Like Jesus said of Mary she has chosen the better way.There are many things that bring pain to your heart yet we must continue to not let our heart become hard like the dried up potsherd that is useful for nothing but to remain soft and malleable to the potters hands.