Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi there a month passes quickly!
We are all well, Georgie has remained settled and healthy this last month.
Her doctor rang Ange recently with tests that showed her thyroid was now working fine and no need for any supplement to be given.
When I asked her about reducing this med a year ago and whether anything would happen she just looked straight at me and said "she would die!" Nonetheless she did do some tests and start reducing the levels and she hasn't died and our observations were right.
When I look at these beautiful pictures of Georgie that Em has put on the page i think "where did my lovely girl go?" and why did this happen? but there are no answers. I am still trying to learn to say "it is well with my soul" as the very brave writer of that hymn wrote.

The Lukins family in Ethiopia (who have been there working with nomadic people) are looking for a nurse either short or long term to go and help them if anyone is interested.