Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We are all back now and Em is well and now looking for some work to help with going off to Uni in Sydney next year.
The trip to Vanuatu was great and in a week we got a good look around and met some really great people.

Our nurse friends Lucy with help from Karen did a wonderful job looking after sleeping beauty. Lucy said she felt stretched at times but learnt to become more dependant on God and so really found it worthwhile and enjoyable.
Thank you for all of your prayer during this time.

Spring starts tomorrow and we are sure glad that the winter is over. It has been a long cold dreary winter this year but we are thankful to our friend Darryl from church who gave us two ute loads of wood for the fire. Our fire has hardly gone out day or night for the last 4 months now.
We thank God for our lovely house and little block.

The fruit trees are all starting to bud so it is Ange's favourite time of year in the garden.
Our sheep are all lambing at the moment which is exciting to see new life and even twins.
It is interesting to see all of the behaviour that the sheep display when there is a new birth. The ewe makes herself a "nest" and isolates herself from the flock and they check on her every now and then but somehow know to stay away. When they are born the other ewes will come down and get aquainted with much excited baaing and then leave her alone again and she stays with the lamb for several days before she rejoins the flock. This is a really strong time of bonding between the ewe and lamb and they make noises to each other that they never do at other times. There is a lot to contemplate here for an agriculturally minded Christian.....
I've heard people say you can't learn more about God from nature - ie His creation but only from His word- i don't believe it - The heavens declare the glory of God , night after night they pour forth speech... Can you not learn about an artist from his artwork?

God is so willing to reveal himself to us if we will have ears to listen.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday 2nd august

Hi not long now 'til Em comes back - 17th August.
By God's grace He has enabled us to go over to Vanuatu for a week to see Em and all she has been doing and then come home with her on the same flight.
We did not think it would be possible but I was visting our friend Anne in hospital (she is at home now and doing quite well) and we were sitting out in the garden and along came Lucy our friend who is a nurse and has looked after Georgie a couple of times before. She asked when we were going to Vanuatu and i wasn't even sure how she knew and she asked if Ange was coming and i told her we didn't think she could. She said "I think she should and i will look after Georgie". I said "really?"and she was adamant she would and could.
She rang a couple of weeks later and said "I hope Ange is going because i've taken time off work". Anyway this is very exciting for us all and esp Em. So we go from the 10th til the 17th. Various people gave us money to use on a holiday so now we can.
We would really value your prayers for this time esp while we are away that Georgie will be settled and easy to look after. Lucy will basically be "angela" for Georgie for the week and will have the nurses coming out each day etc. as well as another friend who is a nurse to help a bit too.
We have a lovely nurse here now who reads bible stories to Georgie. It reminds me of the story of Moses being found as a baby in the basket in the river and needing help which pharaoh's daughter could not give and his sister getting just the right help for him - from his own mother.This is such an answer to prayer.
Another one just chats to Georgie all day long and treats her like a real person. How could we ask for better help?
Georgie turned 13 on the 17th July. A couple of her best friends wanted to come and wish her a happy birthday etc. which they did and they stayed for the afternoon with their parents. It was beautiful and also heart wrenching to see them in her room holding her hands and kneeling by her bed to pray for her and reading her stories. I pray so often for her friends that God will comfort them each in their own way and strengthen them in their love for Him.
Georgie got a bit sick around her birthday and went on anti biotics but this is still much better than last year.
She spent a whole evening recently "vocalising" it was quite noisy at times she was quite "with it" and looked like she was trying to get her tongue around something. I could have sworn she said "mum" at one point. This kind of thing comes occasionally and then goes again just as quickly.
We've been reading "Little House in the Big Wood" to her at night.

Exodus 2 v 9 "Take this baby and nurse him for me and i will pay you"