Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday 30th oct

Georgie had a trip to hospital on Thursday (midday) but is coming home again today.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

THursday 22nd Oct

As I said in the post on Monday things change quickly. Georgie has had a rattley chest again the last few days. When she is like this she can sometimes get sick very quickly and end up in hospital. She doesn't look happy at the moment. Ange has been trying to get her out for walks twice a day to help her chest. What a tireless mother!
Was there ever a more devoted mother?

As I have written this just now a scene comes to mind of another mother - Mary and of her anguish as she watched her beloved son - indeed The Christ, brutalised and crucified and seen His agony and she powerless to help, a witness until the end. Devoted yes. Many sorrows in this world. Just before Georgie got sick we were listening to Rhema FM together one morning after an early trip out to our block and a Rwandan woman was speaking of how she had witnessed six of her seven children and her usband killed before her eyes by men with machetes and she having escaped with one child only yet now she had found joy again in Jesus. Georgie said to me "that is so sad, but she sounds so happy" I said "yes because she has found Jesus now"

Well sorry if this seems rather glum today! - We are very tired again as the constancy wears us out.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday 19th Oct.

Dear brothers and sisters Georgie has been having a good couple of weeks again and this has been much more relaxing to not be on edge all the time.

Her breathing was a bit heavier this morning so we pray that with the warm day (without wind!) she can get outside and get some sun. On saturday Ange said that was about Georgie's best day since being home. They took her for a walk in the chair down the road too along with Em's friend who was up from Sydney.

James and I went bushwalking up at the Warrumbungles for the day on Saturday. It was fantastic.

When we were fixing Georgie up in bed the other day we left her on her side momentarily and she rolled over rapidly onto her back but got a fright and was moving around quickly with her arms as she probably had a sensation of falling. We thought for that to happen she would have to have some sense of awareness and balance to be working. Little glimpses of Georgie still. Sometimes she tries to move but we are told that due to neuropathies from being immobile so long plus seizures that even if she tries to move one part maybe another part will move instead etc. Very complicated.

Still nothing is too difficult for God.

We still get stories of people who wake up in the middle of the night with an urgency to pray.

We all know that she has these good times and that sometimes even later that day she can be having a tough time again.

So thank God while we can and pray for more.

"But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart"
Luke 2 v 19

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday 14th

Been a fairly settled week really for Georgie. Last night as we said goodnight she was just awake and peaceful and smiling.
Em and James still on school hols.
Had a couple of visitors lately which has been nice esp as Georgie has been a bit easier to look after the last couple of weeks. The Sydney Lemons and the Watsons came out too. It was good to have some normal things going on at home.
Praying for our friend Norma who has just gone to Samoa to do some chaplaincy work.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

THursday 8th Oct

Thanks to all those who regularly pray. I still believe that prayer is the answer.

Georgie has generally been more settled after that terrible weekend recently and we are glad she did not go back to hospital. (Thinking out loud here ....I sometimes wonder what would have happened had she never been taken to hospital in the beginning and just allowed to sleep at the show. She got so frightened at the hospital. Well we will never know.)

She has had a few infections here and there.

Been up and down at night a lot lately so all very tired.

God is good and his mercies keep coming.

The home care help has stayed at the reduced 4 hrs weekdays but for how much longer no one can say.