Thursday, October 8, 2009

THursday 8th Oct

Thanks to all those who regularly pray. I still believe that prayer is the answer.

Georgie has generally been more settled after that terrible weekend recently and we are glad she did not go back to hospital. (Thinking out loud here ....I sometimes wonder what would have happened had she never been taken to hospital in the beginning and just allowed to sleep at the show. She got so frightened at the hospital. Well we will never know.)

She has had a few infections here and there.

Been up and down at night a lot lately so all very tired.

God is good and his mercies keep coming.

The home care help has stayed at the reduced 4 hrs weekdays but for how much longer no one can say.


  1. Hi there,
    Too right! Prayer is the answer - to everything .... There is no other way we know... As to your thinking out loud - God only knows, but this is where you are now ....
    Special prayer for your tiredness, for no infections for our Georgie, for continued home care help ... for Em and James on holidays.
    Was brought home to me recently as I support my cousin's wife as she cares for him, at home, in the last stages of cancer .... pain, continual medications etc and, for how long???????
    May our wonderful God continue to pour out His mercies and blessings upon you all. Hi to that special lady of yours,Ange!
    Strength, comfort, courage, peace, endurance, patience, trust and faith, even joy amidst your suffering as I send my luv2u in His perfect love.

  2. Hey. It's so hard to function when really tired. Praying for the Lord to refresh you all and fill you anew with His strength. Soooo easy to say, hang in there, from afar. I take my hat off to you all. Love & Hugs, Vivienne & the Lovett Lot


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