Thursday, October 22, 2009

THursday 22nd Oct

As I said in the post on Monday things change quickly. Georgie has had a rattley chest again the last few days. When she is like this she can sometimes get sick very quickly and end up in hospital. She doesn't look happy at the moment. Ange has been trying to get her out for walks twice a day to help her chest. What a tireless mother!
Was there ever a more devoted mother?

As I have written this just now a scene comes to mind of another mother - Mary and of her anguish as she watched her beloved son - indeed The Christ, brutalised and crucified and seen His agony and she powerless to help, a witness until the end. Devoted yes. Many sorrows in this world. Just before Georgie got sick we were listening to Rhema FM together one morning after an early trip out to our block and a Rwandan woman was speaking of how she had witnessed six of her seven children and her usband killed before her eyes by men with machetes and she having escaped with one child only yet now she had found joy again in Jesus. Georgie said to me "that is so sad, but she sounds so happy" I said "yes because she has found Jesus now"

Well sorry if this seems rather glum today! - We are very tired again as the constancy wears us out.

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  1. We are still praying for Georgie and for you all. Greg, I am always so touched by the Lord through your posts. Thank you for sharing your heart for him, even through the painful difficult times.

    Heavenly Father, I pray for Georgie's chest right now and ask the rattling to cease please and for your perfect peace to continue to be hers. Thank you for the healing you give as you see fit in your perfect plans and mercy for your priceless treasure, Georgie. I ask for your restoration and comfort for Greg, Angie, James and Em too right now please Lord. Thank you that you are sustaining them all. Be magnified and glorified through their lives in Jesus Name i ask these things.
    Thank you Father.

    Wish we lived closer - would love to join you Angie on one (or more!) of those walks :)

    Bless you guys richly with all you need during these very tough patches.

    Love in Christ from us all x


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