Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday 14th

Been a fairly settled week really for Georgie. Last night as we said goodnight she was just awake and peaceful and smiling.
Em and James still on school hols.
Had a couple of visitors lately which has been nice esp as Georgie has been a bit easier to look after the last couple of weeks. The Sydney Lemons and the Watsons came out too. It was good to have some normal things going on at home.
Praying for our friend Norma who has just gone to Samoa to do some chaplaincy work.


  1. Hi Greg
    Our girls still often ask after Georgie though they've never met. We will continue to pray for healing for Georgie and strength for you. Thanks for allowing us to keep informed.
    Bill and Ro

  2. Awake, peaceful and smiling ............ what wonderful words!!!
    ..... 'normal things at home' ... marvellous!!!
    God is doing amazing things down here too ...
    Oh Greg,
    Pray for continuing bleesings you can see, for Em and James as their holidays come to an end, for the care team who come and help, and, of course, for you and the beautiful Ange.
    Praying for many more awake, settled, peaceful, smiley days for your little princess - our Georgie ...
    in His perfect love

  3. Bless you guys always. Still praying here and asking the Lord for His perfect will to always be done, for His love to extend to many through all of this and for His name to be lifted high and exalted for His glory's sake.
    Loads of love,
    Lusi + Brett + the munchkins x


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