Monday, March 4, 2013

March 2013

Hi all. I thought I'd better write and see who is out there.

Em is back at Uni now. It was lovely to have her home for 3 months break. James is into yr 12 now.
Georgie has been well really. Nothing changed much and medication-wise, she is still on all the same things.
She is still growing and will be fifteen in July.

The fund raiser for research into childhood epilepsy through Children's Medical Research Institute has gone quite well. I haven't heard the final figure but last time I spoke to them a month or so ago they had reached $120k of the $150k target.

Work for Greg has been very hard the last few months as he has watched so many good colleagues leaving the dept of Agriculture. One wonders what will happen to Agriculture.

We had a nice visit from an older fellow yesterday who came to pray for Georgie.
We still often wonder whatever went wrong.

We had some special moments with Georgie on the weekend - just giving her a cuddle and she was smiling at us and looking happy. It is nice to know that in some way at least at some times she can feel love.
Ange was reading about babies in orphanages and the ones who were shown love grew well but those who weren't could never thrive. It shows us that the capacity to feel love goes beyond cognition (I guess any mum knows that).

We had four inches of beautiful rain up here and it has transformed the country side. It was starting to look very droughty.
Farmers are happy with the dry summer because it means no weeds but then some timely autumn rain.

Well cheerio for now.