Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23rd March

Hi there a bit of news.
We have found that Georgie's thyroid has begun to function.
This has enabled her to start to put on some weight and she has been trending toward better health for several months even though we have had a few up and downs. It makes looking after her a bit easier and is nicer for her. She has been smiling again at times which has been nice to see as she is probably feeling better in herself.
The weather has been cooling down lately which is nice.


  1. Praise to our wonderfully faithful and merciful God! What great news, Greg ..........
    Nicer for Georgie, smiling again plus easier for you, Ange, James and all her care for ... oh thank You loving Father.
    May our God receive all glory. praise and honour as we sing our praises to Him!
    Continued prayer for all and, for the nurses who come to care for, and help ... may their eyes and hearts be opened by the powerful One who rules.
    in His Perfect Love

  2. Wow, Greg. I hope this is as good a sign as it sounds from your post. Beyond anything else, Georgie must feel so loved by you guys. I hope she keeps improving and keeps smiling more each day. You and Ange, Em and James are legends.

  3. What great news! Anything that has Georgie feeling better in herself and smiling is a great thing.

  4. We continue to be faithful in our praying for Georgie.....Sian, Graeme, Talitha, Beryl, John, Laura, Jakin, Hanel, Malachi, Dan, Lisa, Elizabeth, Izabella, Eddie & Jenny.....Tewantin branch of Georgie's prayer partners


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