Saturday, March 12, 2011


Not too bad a day for Georgie who spent much of it outside on the verandah today. Still coughing a bit from time to time but generally OK.
We heard from Em last night (actually about 3am this morning) and again this afternoon and she said things are fine. They were all praying and Glen had told all of the students that they must pray. They were all excited that God had answered their prayers and the tsunami waves had largely dissipated by the time they reached the coastline at Luganville. Some of the locals said they saw the wave come in. last night people from the lower villages were coming up to Talua to the bible college for safety. All very exciting and we are thankful that they are safe there.


  1. Praise be to Him, for our God is exciting ..... and thankfully, amidst all these disasters and suffering, sovereign! Where would we be, how would we live without this truth? We must pray for all who trust in their own strength, whose hope is in false gods; for how do they cope???Thanking you , once more, for keeping in touch, Greg. Prayers continue for you all, of course ... especially for Georgie's coughing to have ceased.
    in His Perfect Love

  2. Thanks for the updates, Greg. Praise God Em is safe over there. Nice picture of people fleeing to the bible college for refuge... a good opportunity to share God's love. Will keep praying for Georgie and this cough. I'm glad she can get outside.
    lots of love xxx


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