Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday 5th March A day in the Park

To all you wonderful praying folks, today we had a great day down at Orange.
We packed Georgie up and the four of us went to Orange for the day. (about and hour and a half drive each way) James really wanted to go to the bird show so he and I went and we dropped Ange and Georgie off at Cook Park which is beautiful in late summer. So we had about four hours and came home again.
Georgie was perfect.
She has been finally starting to put on a little weight and is quite healthy at the moment. We have been reducing the thyroxin since we went to Westmead and blood tests showed it was too high which means her own thyroid is better than it was i guess so she can do more herself.
We had a lovely day and Georgie "talked" to us a little this evening. Every now and then she says these little "words" which we can't really make out it is sad too of course but we love it also and thank God for every day we have with her.


  1. What a lovely post to read, Greg. Thank you for sharing it. Cook Park is beautiful. I can imagine Georgie enjoying spending some time there. I hope Ange got a few spare moments to soak up the tranquility too.

  2. The Haven of Refuge Prayer Group continues to uphold Georgie and the family in prayer. I believe God uses these circumstances to touch the lives of those who may have never come to know the Lord.
    Be blessed in all you do for Georgie as she is an inspiration to us.
    God bless,

  3. He Greg,
    Praise our loving, wonderful Father for His blessings - especially the day in the park and special time with Jaems and Georgie. Thanks for the break in routine, fresh air and the wonders of His awesome creation...... and thanks, and all glory to Him, for each new day Georgie is in your lives, and ours!
    One day you will be able to hear and understand your Georgie's words - and I still believe her story of her walk with Jesus will blow us away.
    Praying for continual blessings, mercy and grace; for strength, patience and endurance; for your Em; for the nurses and their attitudes (to be touched by the Master), and for each new morning, full God's faithfullness and new compassions .....
    in His Perfect Love


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