Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear all it is so nice to get those comments and to hear from some - even all the list of those at Tewantin!
Our friend Anne is back in Dubbo and making quite a good recovery after the brain op. She is getting stronger and recovering well.
Some friends came out for afternoon tea on Sunday and it was great to sit and encourage one another and hear what God is doing in their lives bringing them closer to Him.
Em is settling more and more into life at Vanuatu and sounds really happy whenever she rings up.
James turned 15 yesterday and is now almost as tall as me (Greg)
Georgie continues to have a pretty good run lately. Bit of tummy trouble but nothing much else to report.

I went out to an old friend (Blue Adams') funeral at Nyngan on the banks of the Bogan river on Saturday. (When we lived there we spent lots of afternoons skiing and wimming there)
Blue was a completely self-made man with a great sense of humour. By the age of 14 he had lived with 22 different families - mostly old aunties (who used to cry when he had to move on again etc). He left school at age 14 and went away shearing all over Australia finishing up in Tasmania each Christmas. He met his wife to be there when she was 15 and he 20. They got married 4 years later. He drove trucks and bought some Nyngan scrub country cleared it all and began farming there when people outright mocked him for doing so saying you couldn't farm that far west. He proved them all wrong. He went opal mining also and spent his money wisely and ended up owning many things. His grandkids used to say Pop why do you work so hard and he would say "so you don't have to work as hard as i do". He was always doing something (often for someone else) and could never sit still.
They had 3 children and have around 8 grand children who form probably the tightest family I've ever known. He would ring his grand kids almost every day and say "thanks for ringing me!" His wife Pauline prayed for him for years to come to the Lord and finally he did about two months ago. We were all praying for him.

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  1. Thank you for your memories abd story about your old friend, Blue .... our God sure does keep His own, even when they are not aware of their calling until the last 'minute'. How faithful Pauline and you, his friends were in prayer for him for so long .. how encouraging for those of us who are praying for our loved one's to have their eyes and ears opened!
    Thank you again, Greg and so pleased to hear Em is settling in so well.


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