Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday 19th

A "pretty good" day.
Funding has come through for Georgie to help with her care at home for 4hrs per day for a year. Praise God for this. The fundors also hope that this will free Ange up to maybe start doing an odd day of school teaching again if she wanted to which will be great for her as she is a good teacher and misses it.
Ange says Georgie has been stable but would love to see some real improvement in Georgie with seizures etc.
Georgie has a nasty cough but doesn't seem to have got any worse over the last week and no temp so probably nothing too bad.
I 0r 2 of the day nurses at home are believers also and one said count me in for praying for a miracle too. She reads bible stories to Georgie and plays Christian music. Pretty cool huh?

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