Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bear Cottage

Hi All,
I meant to put up some photos from our visit to Bear Cottage in November but things have been so busy that I never got the chance. Here are a couple.
Greg, Em and James at Manly Beach

Ange, Greg, James and Em at the Manly Aquarium

James and Em on the ferry as we head to the Zoo


  1. Hi Greg,

    Thanks heaps for the pics ........ James and Em certainly are beautiful young adults (little brother is "grown up", eh!
    So pleased you have these wonderful memories of "time out" and enjoyed your time with family.
    Continuing to pray for the miracle we await for your little princess, as I do for you all each day....
    in His Perfect Love

  2. hello.............. praying still for you all............. new closer to our wonderful Lord God's answer .....


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