Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday morning

Dear all, Georgie woke up quite sick this morning with a chest infection.
She has been so well and settled lately too.
Please pray for her if you would.
"In times like these you need a Saviour... an anchor...the bible....
Be very sure ...your anchor holds and grips the solid rock"


  1. Prayers being sent for Georgie and you all xx

  2. Certainly will be adding this specific request to my early morning prayer for you all....healing for dear Georgie and strength for you..............

  3. prayers that Georgie is feeling a bit better today. Love to you all.

  4. Hillston - Gunbar Uniting Church has Georgie on our prayer chain. We will continue to pray for her and this blog will help us to know how the prayer needs can change suddenly. Also praying for you, Greg and Angela for the strength and support you need in caring for Georgie. Praying that Georgie recovers soon from her chest infection.Love from Hillston-Gunbar Prayer partners

  5. Thinking of you all and praying for you over Christmas and the New Year period.

  6. I finally found the emails in my old account.
    Glad I stayed linked to this blog.
    Love to your family
    Prayers for you all

  7. Hi there.............long time, no talk, but prayer everyday...........cannot believe it is nearly 10 over an old email and, our little Georgia has confounded all....apart from our wonderful God! Still persistently praying, even though not understanding His will for her, and for all of you, in her life.
    I am sure Em and James are well and truly on their way in their life choices and pray for them also, at times. OPf course, for you, Greg, and Ange as you care for your littlest 'young lady', in His strength and love............
    anne c


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