Monday, May 25, 2009


A good weekend for Georgie.
Ange stayed at hospital with Georgie on Saturday night and they both slept right through. I stayed at the hospital with Georgie yesterday morning and ended up missing church as it was such a good morning to get her outside into fresh air and sunshine for a couple of hours then back inside for a shower. We find if she doesn't get outside every few days she starts getting chest trouble. This led to pneumonia a month or so ago which nearly ended everything.
If she is good we will take her home again on Wednesday. A couple of ladies said they will visit Ange which is just good moral support.
We miss Georgie a lot. It might sound a strange thing to say but we do miss hearing her talk to us and doing thing she used to do and even seeing her because she is in hospital most of the time. The Westmead staff described it as "a loss without death". Well we keep praying for better.
A friend from Parramatta Baptist came and visited on Saturday night which was great. We miss those folks down there who pray with faith.
Well we thankyou for continuing with us.


  1. H everybody Geogie is looking so much better, I still believe God has great plans for our little girl, she has brought a nation together, a miracle will happen, and again thankyou for sharing Georgie with us, we love you

  2. Hi Greg, and please say hello to Ange, Em and James,
    Doesn't James look wonderful with his littlw sister!
    Great to have a 'new' visitor - what a privilege to be part of God's family!
    Love and prayers as always and special prayers for Ange and Wednesday.
    in His Perfect Love

  3. Hi Greg, Thinking of you all and upholding you each in prayer. We praise God for your faithfulness and love expressed in the care of Georgie. Be assured of our stand with you as we claim healing and fullness of life for her. Love Mirrie and Ron


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