Thursday, May 7, 2009

thursday 7th May

Well we got Georgie home on tuesday for about half the day from 11.30am til just after 5 pm when the hospital transport came and got her again.
It seemed very anti-climactic. There was no welcoming committee and no fanfare. The drivers just dropped her off stayed for a brief chat then drove off. This is how we really wanted it though.
I carried her up our front steps and inside and we had a lovely afternoon with her. It was sunny so she spent a fair bit of time on the verandah listening to James as he talked to her while he was building something for his birds. We put her in front of the video and played her favourite movie "Milo and Otis".
In the evening she did not seem to want to go back to the hospital.
We should get her home again for the day tomorrow if all goes well.
She gets a few visitors at the hospital. A trio of her little friends go in to see her and sometimes read a story about once a week or sometimes twice which is really good of them. Our hearts are heavy for them - they were all so close to Georgie. It is hard for them to see their dear little friend like this, once so full of life, now so different.
Another girl who is almost blind goes in about three nights a week to minister to her. She reads the bible and prays for her. Despite having only five to ten percent vision herself she walks herself through town at night in the dark and cold and sometimes rain to spend time with Georgie.
Many people initially offered to help but after seeing Georgie they often don't come back again.
Please keep praying for Tom the fellow who organised a fund raiser for Georgie. He has cancer very badly in his bones and is in a lot of pain. He doesn't yet know the Lord but he may be softening.

(The postscript that I put on the last message I came across again last week in Spurgeon's morning by morning so that is probably where it actually originated from.)

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  1. Oh Greg,
    Praise our wonderful God!!!!!!!!!! Hallejuah!
    And I do pray for her little friends, for that wonderful girl and for Tom! I also pray for those who found it just too diffcult to visit your little princess.......
    Do also pray for Ange's Mother's Day yesterday, for Em and James (and his building), and continue to pray for all the strength, comfort and love to be poured down upon you all..........
    in His perfect love,


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