Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday arvo

Well we have been very blessed by a good period of stability with Georgie ever since Christmas. A chest infection has been threatening to start but thankfully hasn't. We have been very vigilant taking Georgie for early morning and late evening walks when it is cool enough for about 40 mins each. It takes time but is so good for her and it has also been good family time and exercise. Em especially loves to take her.
So we thank you for your prayers and we thank God for showing us so much grace.
Our final house occupation certificate was issued this week also so we can now "legally" live in our house!


  1. Praise to our wonderful God, once again!!!!!

  2. Awesome, glad to hear you're legal!!!! Great news about the lack of infection. Our early mornings and evenings are just beautiful on the mountain so it's wonderful to hear it's cooler at your end too. Enjoy. I pray you will be blessed richly during these times especially. Love & Hugs, Vivienne


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