Monday, January 25, 2010

A nice afternoon too hot outside to do anything and all tired we watched a couple of movies. Georgie in her room got a bit agitated so we brought her out and she began to faintly smile, settled down and spent the afternoon waking and dozing off. Took Georgie for a late walk and came home by moonlight. All quiet, no mozzies now and a good chance to pray while walking.
Lately Georgie can become quite agitated at times and sometimes we believe she is just lonely.
The other morning she let out a bit of a frightened sort of cry but you know after just a minute or two of talking with her and touch she just settles again. We can only imagine what she must think at times when she comes to a bit as she can't communicate in normal ways. Though sometimes her mumblings sound a bit like words.
Probably been about the best month now for her for some time.
Ange said a lady at church prayed for Georgie's healing yesterday up the front. Do you know it is a hard thing for so many people to do? There are still some who will pray for what is impossible because they believe it is right and that God honours faith. I don't expect them to but it is encouraging when someone does just the same.
It is interesting to see what is in some folks isn't it? This is tremendously encouraging especially in a church which doesn't believe in miracles - they are basically sticking their neck out ("The age of miracles has passed away" I am told- oh does that mean God has also "passed away" I think?)
We have had a number of well-meaning people "suggest" to us to put her into some kind of "home"- what do you call our place? I think to myself. James and Em were mortified to think of that happening.
So again thankyou for your prayer by which God has been answering and giving us the ability to do this.


  1. I'm glad this has been a good month for Georgie. I hope things keep improving for you all. Love Cath xox

  2. Hi Greg,
    Matthew 21:22 "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer" - yep, in God's timing, and way for sure - but otherwise why pray! I'm sure we are also told, we do not have because we do not ask! Just can't find it at the moment ....
    Apart from the obvious miracle of life we see and experience each new morning, what of each new healthy baby who has been knit together in their mother's womb? Enough now ... Or I just won't stop ... think I will continue to pray for your church ....
    Will go now, but will contunue to pray for HEALING and continued miracles (and, dare I say it, signs - not asked for but graciously given) in your lives; of love, comfort, strength, peace and joy as you all continue on this journey ..
    luv2uall in His perfect love

  3. Wow, such encouraging news! God always supplies our needs, however, I know I often do things in my strength & I need to let go & let God. We started off the year needing a house & then someone totalled our car so a car had to be added to the list asap [no public transport on the mountain]. We have the car now so it's back to the house! I definitely believe in miracles as this was not good timing but our car is just brilliant & so much younger with mod cons! We have to move in 4 wks......... Georgie's responses are so encouraging. Church is still praying constantly & look forward to the updates. It took a lot for me to stand & pray out the front but now my knees don't knock so much. I know God is in the prayer & that's all that matters. Praise God for His blessings. Everyone will be rapt the prayer for Ange's returning to school has been answered. 'Be still & now I am God' He commands yet why do we invariably find that so hard to do? Hugs from us to you all xxx


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