Friday, April 16, 2010


Hi Ange got some word from DADHC that they will cover her on Friday next week for teaching with nursing staff to be at home so that is good. They are trying to make plans to get another organisation to take over the nursing. Some of the home carers find it very difficult to look after her on their own which is understandable.
Last night was good but two nights before she had breathing troubles through the night and was on oxygen the latter half of wednesday night.
We are all going OK.
Have had some great conversations with people at work lately. A colleague at work called Luke rang me the other day to talk about his little Grandson 3 months old who has developed trouble with his bile duct. He has been on a roller coaster he said for a few days with diagnosis and misdiagnosis. I asked him if he would mind us praying for the little guy and he shared all of our story with his daughter and told her of the prayer etc and they said "we would be honoured if you would pray for him" So please pray too for this little fellow.
My Boss Chris is back in hospital with his leaukaemia flaring up again after 6 years remission. He had some kind of bleed on the brain the other night which put him in ICU drs saying he may not make it through the night but he is OK now and back in the ward.
i was able to speak directly with our head lady in the department (who came to see Georgie twice in ICU) who actually said "it is so good you rang I really needed to download to soemeone I've just been in to see him, I know you understand about all of these things".
There is still a sense of "family" amongst the old Ag Department. Twice this lady has asked staff to pray for Chris. Please pray for the opportunities we have at work to show people the love of our wonderful God and to help lead them into his kingdom.


  1. Greg,
    Glad to hear that Ange has some relief so she can teach. I hope you get more help soon. I'll keep that on the prayer list.

    I shall add Luke's grandson and Chris to my prayers. Poor Chris. It must be awful to think it's gone only to have it re-appear.

    Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on Ag news. No one else seems to!


  2. Hi Greg,
    Wonderful news for Ange ........ power of prayer (encouraging when we see, know and hear), wonderful Saviour!
    Will pray for the little fellow, for Chris and the head lady - amazing how our (your) suffering is used to make you available to do God's will here on earth. Purpose - although not one of our (your) choosing ......
    Are nights particularly more troublesome for your special princess? More prayer, when awake half the night, from down here ......


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