Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still no word from nursing agency as to whether there will be any extra hours. School starts back next week and Ange still does not know whether she will get the nursing hours required to cover her teaching.

Was asked last week to do the bible reading at church and while i was there could I be interviewed about Georgie in front of the church - fortunately it was not my week to go to church. I still find this sort of thing very hard. Sometimes it would be good to just go to church.
Often feel so awkward when people struggle to pray for her and yet there are so many others at church who have so many needs but never get mentioned. When someone with such feeling prays for her and still asks for healing it is very moving. I wonder what God feels.

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  1. Oh dear Greg,
    How loving and compassionate you are .... I'm sure God feels for each and every person who is suffering; after all, He knows all about it!
    I'm also sure, that each one of those who have great needs, have their own circle of pray-ers, just as your beautifully special family does.
    I always find faothful prayer very moving, and those who suffer greatest, understand just what praying is all about. I'm sure there is a Bible verse to explain just how God feels, but am sitting here, wanting to let you know, Ange's needs, as well as healing for our little Gergie, are once again being placed at the foot of the cross .. right now!
    Peace, comfort, strength and guidance for you all, as well as my luv2u
    in His perfect love,


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