Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Georgie still sick but we are unable to determine just what it is. She is just not so well and maybe becoming less stable. There is definitely something wrong.

The nurse yesterday believed Georgie was looking jaundiced so we will need to get some tests done. Our usual Dr is away this month. We have not dealt with this stand-in Dr before -also difficult as he goes to our church.

Have been caused to think about unbelief, doubt and praying amiss. Jesus warned against them all. He said "IF I can?"


  1. Dear friends,
    Please do NOT quit believing in the love of the Lord!!
    The enemy is again at work and wants to create havoc and disbelief and confusion..DO NOT ALLOOW HIM TO SUCCEED. You have all come so far and it has been a terrible time of testing. Only the Lord knows why..but please continue to lean on Him. He loves Georgie, He loves you...
    Hang in there. So many folks have not given up praying for the miracle, this includes me.

    Bonded in Jesus

  2. Praying for you all, and as always healing for Georgie, all we need is faith as small as a mustard seed, and we can move mountains! Nothing is impossible.

    Trust totally in God's power, not on our own ability. We will then turn our eyes from the mountain to Christ and overcome any obstacles that are in our way.

    with Love

  3. Oh dear Greg,
    Praying for you all ..... especially in your spritual fight against Satan. When not thinking about "unbelief, doubt and praying amiss", you KNOW for sure to go with what you know and REMEMBER!As you struggle, I just know our wonderful Heavenly Father understands and accepts your questions (Psalms a perfect example). We know JESUS CAN, and we know God answers our prayers, although not always in the way we expect (or want?). BUT, all prayers, faithfully and His will, are answered - and He CARES! Even Jesus cried out to be spared, in the garden of Gethsemane, but then prayed for His Father's will to be done.
    Much love and care to you for peace, and guidance as you love your Georgie.....
    What is wrong? Tests to be done? Why this other Doctor? I have no idea - but we know Someone Who does and why? His plans are not always clear to us.
    Sorry if this sounds like platitudes - not meant to, but just pray a little comfort in knowing how much love and prayerful support there is for you all....
    in His perfect love


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