Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday 22

Hi Georgie had a very peaceful night but the nurse today thinks she is getting "chesty" again. Not surprising after all the sickness really.
Ange is very tired.

I am sitting in the office at Nyngan and just heard feet jogging along the footpath outside up to the door and for a split second thought it was my kids coming in after school -like they always used to do, burst in the door and call out Hi Dad! Life goes too quickly hey.


  1. Yes Greg, life does seem to pass all too quickly, yet at times it does seem to also drag ..... Praying for Georgie's chest, that another infection DOES NOT develop; but, as always, we leave her in our loving Father's healing hands (for His will to be done).
    According to Iris (earlier post), apparently some say we should let Georgie go!!! We aren't keeping her with us; our God is - medical science has found no answer - god knows the answers andd the reasons! We continue to faithfully pray - for healing, her comfort, His peace and loving walk with Georgie through this time of struggle and suffering.
    Special prayers for Ange; for strength, enabling, energy and uphold her as we encourage her in her walk each day.
    in His perfect love

  2. Dearest Greg...

    I'm finally back online. I was sad to hear that Georgie had been so unwell. Thank God she had a peaceful night.

    Isabella wanted to read Peepo tonight. As always, I read the Merry Christmas bit and when I said love from Georgie, Isabella said, 'that's Georgie who is sick. When she gets better she will come and play with me and she can read some of my special books'. I hugged her and told her that Georgie would love to do that (while I held back the tears).

    Georgie is still very missed and despite all the stuff going on we still pray for her. I still have hope that she will go beyond the miracle of still being here... that she will get up and walk and talk as if she hadn't been ill.

    Those times you doubt are a human thing. That's when you need to crawl into your Father's arms and allow Him to comfort you. I find it hard to do... I find the concept of God as Abba Father still bizaar given my experience with an earthly dad. But slowly I'm realising He is the Father willing to give comfort and rest...

    I will pray for you all to receive supernatural rest and strength - the kind that only God can give.

    much love to you all xxxxx


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