Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday 19th

Hi not too bad a week earlier on.
Georgie chesty and coughing a lot.
Hassles getting meds now that hospital decided they are no longer supplying them. No proper handover given between hospital and pharmacy and things in a bit of disarray.


  1. Hi Greg,
    Pray that handover has all been sorted and hassles have evaporated (please God). Disarray - sounds like life at the moment!
    Spring is coming - nearly here, despite cold of today - no way out to fresh air today for our Georgie, so pray our Lord is breathing for her, and clearing her chest and cough!
    Pray for Em, now that trials are over, for guidance to areas she needs guidance with and for James. for you all, I continue to pray for strength, patience, comfort and enabling to sustain you on this long journey. Please Georgie, may you be continue to fight the good fight as we await your healing.
    luv2uall in His perfect love

  2. Hi Greg,
    Praying this new week is beginning as well as last week did, but continues to improve even more! Praying also for Em and James, as well as Ange (tiredness and strength) and yourself! May our gracious and lovingly merciful God heal our Georgie in His time and grant us all patience and persistence in our praying!
    in His perfect love

  3. Spring is here ....... Praise God as we await warmer (outside) weather!!!!!!!!!!!
    Continuing in prayer, as always .......


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