Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday 13th Sept

Dear Friends, well almost a month since we last left a comment. The worst of winter is gone and the spring is here with some lovely warm days. Anges garden is full of flowers and many more coming.
Well our nurse had a little party for Georgie at home with Ange and the kids on the 1st Sept because she got through winter without a trip to hospital. Indeed she hasn't been in since December last year. I don't ever want her going back there again either. Not unless they will do something useful like remove the central line tube which she still has inserted under her collar bone and which can no longer be used due to infection and being physically blocked. We are told it can't now be removed. It is a source of recurrent infection for her which is a problem. The hospital drs don't see it this way and i don't think necessarily care as they think she needs to die of something. (sorry to be blunt - that's just how it is)
Still learning to give Georgie to God daily to see what He will do - not doubting that one day He will do something great for her but just trying to trust and have faith, continuing to believe that He is good and all His ways are just.
I learned from our wheat breeder last week that the tiny germ end of a wheat seed already contains the first 8 leaves of the plant. Not that they develop after germination but they are already there -fully formed and waiting to burst into life. If ever we doubted the plans of God there just can't be. He says I know the plans I have for you..... Even down to the detail of a wheat seed He already has set in place the plans for that plant.
Em is going pretty well and not too phased by doing her HSC. Friday is her last day at school. I can't believe it. (It was only last week i dropped her off to start kindergarten!)
Work is very hectic with running 3 districts now due to staff absence.(one is off on stress leave)
Our home bible study from church has been good. We have been together for about 4 years and been through a lot together. one fellow miraculously recovered from a brain aneurism just 4 months before Georgie got sick. RPA said it was the worst bleed on the brain they had ever seen and he was not expected to live let alone recover 100%. It is encouraging to see them all with various things they battle with still clinging onto God and loving Him.
You may remember me writing about a little girl about a mile down the road who we met the family of one day when our dogs wandered away and how she had developed all of these issues with seizures etc. I found out during the week that she passed away in early winter aged 4.
Had a great visit from Mum and Dad last week. They are such an encouragement to us.
Well bless you all.


  1. Hi Greg and Ange, Em and James,

    It is always such a joy to read your blog. You have a wonderful gift of writing Greg and your faith in God is so vibrant and real and so catching. The Holy Spirit uses you mightily Greg even though at times you may not feel that is so. We love you guys and are keen to support you all. We keep praying that God will touch Georgie with His mighty hand and we will see the handwork of God in her. bless you all love Mirrie and Ron xxxx

  2. Hi Greg,
    Thank you so much for the update - full of daily ups and downs ... lots going on down here and often think of that song - "One day at a time sweet Jesus, that's all I'm asking of You, Just give me the strength to do all the things that I need to do. Yesterday's gone, sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine ... "(can't recall last line).
    Prayers, of course, continue for you all and for the medical people as well - surely they can see Georgie will be here for God to do His will in her, in His way and time! Open their eyes wonderful God, and help them to see You and the need to have that central line tube out of her little body!
    Prayers for your health Greg, with the extra workload and for Em during this last week at school. Gardens are indeed a reflection of God's glorious creation and so thankful for the colours in Ange's.
    Pray rain is easing up for you and Mr Sun comes out fo Georgie and her walks.
    in His perfect love

  3. Congrats to making it so long without a hospital visit :-) What a great nurse to have a party! Don't work too hard, Greg. The more you do, they more they expect you to do.
    Wishing you a fantastic spring - and a green one!

  4. Hey guys. So good to read your news. Roll on those warm days so you can all enjoy your walks again. Our church still upholding you all in prayer. We know that God has a plan & what you shared about the wheat seed is just awesome. Eager to see God's tapestry from the top side so everything will finally come together & sense will be made of all this. Wish Em all the best from us here. Quentin's 21st dinner tomorrow night. Time sure does fly - I can picture all our kids at Nyngan Public & looking so little! Nigel's over 6ft now & only just 15! Hang in there, you're such an encouragement to so many. God Bless & Hugs.

  5. Hi Greg and Angel,
    It's quite a while since I made contact, but wanted to let you know (again) that I never stop thinking about you all. I can't explain it really, but I fully believe that Georgie will be healed. I just want to be faithful and obedient in whatever he calls me to do.

    Blessings, Murray Marks

  6. Good morning Greg,
    A beautiful spring day down here and I'm thinking of you all! Pray your weekend is as beautiful as we expect and your precious Georgie is able to breathe in wonderful breaths of fresh air.
    luv2uallasalways in His perfect love


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