Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Sept 27

Hi there Georgie has had a really good couple of weeks with visits from both lots of grandparents.
Over the weekend she has become "sick" with something causing fevers again.
Hoping to get onto Dr this morning.
Ange tired.
James at cricket camp, Em studying for HSc (I hope)

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  1. Hi Greg,
    So very pleased for the couple of good weeks and those vivits from very special people in both Georgie's, and your, life! Of course, things constantly change, and pray the Doc was able to come today with an answer (or at least antibiotics, if needed).
    Also, praying for a chance for Ange to rest ... and for our loving Father to refresh and revive her strength. James will be having a great time at camp (thank God for camps), and I'm sure Em was studying (praying for her also).
    For you I pray continued persistence, patience and deep trust as you leave Georgie, and your family, in our Lord's healing, compassionate and loving hands. Please be as understanding of yourself as you are towards others
    in His perfect love


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