Friday, October 15, 2010


Em's first day of HSC exams today. Thankyou for praying for her.
Georgie been going OK this week except for a reflux problem she frequently still has.
There doesn't seem to be any identifiable cause and we have tried everything really.
Westmead got back to me and yes they are quite happy to do a bit of a neurology examination whilst she is there. They sure have tried.
It has been a very long wet winter (we are grateful for the rain) harder for Georgie tho. It is going to be a cold wet weekend with likely frosts.
We had two new nurses come to our home yesterday for training for looking after Georgie.
James and I have been putting up a new shed. James has also been getting a bit of weekend work with a builder who says he works well.


  1. Hi Greg,
    Well, English over for Em .... I'm sure God helped her to recall all she has studued and worked for over the past years.
    James sounds like a reall young man these days ; good on him.
    Great news from Westmead and praying for stability for our Georgie, especially during this weekend's weather. We are just back from Goulburn (our daughter in law at Police Academy down there and our sepcial little girl 1 year old today) ..... so very, very cold, icy winds and light snow/sleet. Pray today and tomorrow nor as bad at Dubbo.
    We know God knows if anything will be helpful from tests to come - would sure be wonderful if at least a reason could be found - always easier then, I think.
    Anyway, continued love and prayers for you all, as always (for Ange and her garden as well).
    in His perfect love

  2. I hope Em's exams are going well. Hope you've had a few sunnier days to get Georgie outside, and that your new nurses are working out well.

  3. Hi Greg,
    Beautiful day down here today, pray the same where you are. Also, continue to remember Em.
    Stability for our darling Georgie.

  4. Hi Greg,
    Another new week has begun, beautiful weather but what is to come - praying!
    Still praying for Em.
    Praying for next Monday and our Georgie's stability please Lord!
    Fpr you all, my prayers continue,
    in His perfect love


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