Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mostly over it now

Hi Georgie has made yet another miraculous recovery and has been stable for a couple of days now.
It has been a very exhausting two weeks. Thankfully it was school holidays even if it meant Em and James probably missed out on doing other fun things. I've been off work for a week and a bit to help.
THANKYOU all for your many prayers.
Also Westmead have consented to getting Georgie down there to remove the central line. Hopefully sometime before Christmas they said.
So she will need to have a bit of a period of stability again to make it happen.
James has been doing a bit of work for a builder friend.
Em is really busy with her HSC study.
Praise God for His mercies which are new every morning.


  1. Yes, indeed, Greg!
    Thank You dear grace-filled, merciful heavenly Father - God's healing and timing - Georgie's amazing strength and stability once more - for Westmead's consent to medical intervention.
    Thanks for Jame's time at cricket camp and work (what a great way to 'occupy his time over holidays), for Em's attitude, and continuing application, to study.
    Yes indeed! Compassion and love and mercies and grace and relationship with our wonderful God Himself! Thank You Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit for Your continuing guidance and wisdom!
    Continuing in prayer, and love to you, as always,
    in His perfect love.

  2. Good luck to Em for the HSC. I'll add a couple of prayers in that the right questions are on all your papers.

    Love and prayers,


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