Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi there just thought i better put something down as it's been a month since the last post.

It is very wet up here. poor wheat farmers - so much ruined crop but so wet now after such a long drought. Creeks and rivers are full and flooding and with more wet weather coming who knows what will happen.

Em finished off her HSC. Thankyou to all who have been praying for her.

Georgie has been very unsettled for some weeks now and has required more medications than normal for seizures which is very sad.

At westmead a skin biopsy at their request was taken and we were told just a thin scar would be left but it opened up as the stitches dissolved early and so it will leave an ugly scar near her shoulder and still has not healed. The site where the central line came out is great and nothing but a small pink dot remains.

Most of the blood tests etc that were taken at Westmead showed that Georgie is probably in better health overall now than what she was when she left there two years ago.


  1. Wow, lovely to see these photos. Will pass your email on to Ros. She will be encouraged. Mirrie

  2. Hi GReg and Ange, congratulations to Em on finishing her HSC. We are still praying for you all. Thanks for the photos. Lots of love and prayers, Dave, Donna and the boys.

  3. Hi Greg,
    Thank you so very much for all the photos .... it is lovely to see your beautiful family ... such a very special family, although you probably don't think so, or even realize.
    The photo of James and his little sister just touched my heart ..... and, Georgie's eyes! No one can tell me 'our' little princess is not aware of her loved ones being near .... just look at Ange reading to her!
    Obviously, with so much happening "for the good of those who love Him", satan sure is upset - hence the seizures (I think anyway). Scars are just outward signs of struggle - they can fade, and will do so, as Georgie grows. Blood tests positive re health, home complete, Em finished HSC and holiday time celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour ahead. We know just Who has the victory and God knows why the spiritual warfare is still being fought... the Day will come!
    Greg, my prayers continue daily for you all; especially for complete healing for our girl, for strength, comfort, peace and continuing faithful hope - above all, for love!
    my luv2uasalways
    in His perfect love

  4. So great to see some more photos! House looking good & surrounded by grass by now I imagine. Ange it must be hard not to be able to do much with all the rain. Georgie really seems to be looking naturally at things in most of the photos. Such a loving pic of you and Georgie, Greg. You are all looking more relaxed in the recent ones which is great. Church still praying and everyone thrilled at the results from the Westmead trip. James u look quite the sportsman - 130kg most impressive tackle! Bet you're glad to have your exams behind you Em except now the waiting for results has begun! You've put in so much work it's sure to have paid off. Thinking of you all heaps and of course still praying. God Bless and hugs as always.


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