Monday, December 6, 2010

Can't think of much to say but maybe you will like to take a look through some photos?

My Pastor mate Mick from Nyngan.
Mick is always full of the joy of the Lord.
They planted this crop after prayer in faith
and harvested the best crop of dryland
sorghum ever heard of in this area.

In ICU 2007
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James Tackle of the match James
tackled a 130 kg Islander!!

The night we were evacuated by fire from
Ronald Mcdonald house

Georgie's room at Westmead

Ron ministering to Georgie

Memorial Statue at Westmead
for all the children

A day out in 2008

Ros playing for Georgie in ICU

In Dubbo hospital April 2009


  1. Still praying for you all and our little princess ............

  2. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011. Hope you haven't been too badly affected by the floods. And let's hope that's the breaking of the drought. Thanks for the photos and the updates all year. Take care, Cath xo

  3. Hi Greg,
    'Speak' to you soon ... pray you have a very blessed time with you very special family. Our wonderful God of miracles continues to bless those He loves .... as we pray for very close, young friends from Geurie, with a very special miraculous little girl now 11 days old, in Westmead. As I pray for her, I remember all the miracles in our little Georgie's life and wait in anticipation for all that is to come.
    in His perfect love


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