Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday 3rd Jan

Happy new year to you all!
We had a lovely time at Kurrajong with Anges mum and dad at Christmas and not a single thing went wrong.
We were able to take Georgie down with us in the car which was about a 4 and a half hour trip. She handled it just fine.
It was great to be able to all go away together for a few days and was the first Christmas we have all had down there for 4 years as a family.
We took her for a couple of walks around Kurrajong. The climate there is so much more pleasant than Dubbo where it is often too cold, too hot or too windy to take a little girl prone to chest troubles for walks. So we made the most of it.
Some folks from Kurrajong Baptist came up to the house to meet her. They have been praying for her since the beginning. Thank you to those people who have sent us encouraging messages of continued prayer.
We are all enjoying being on holidays together and geting a lot done. Greg and James have almost finished building a shed together and so feeling a sense of achievement. It's good having Em and James around to help look after Georgie, who has been reasonably good for the past week.
Only 5 weeks until Emily heads off to Vanuatu for six months.


  1. What wonderful news and what a very blessed Christmas for you all! How wonderful is our awesome God.
    Prayers continue for a contination of blessings pouring upon you all .... even the busy men of the family!
    What will your very special Emily be doing in Vanuatu ... our minister recently spent time there as part of traing/teaching group who went over to help local minsters and their understanding of biblical teaching.
    Kurrajong really is a special place ... as are the Bapo's there!
    Pray there wasn't too much damage in today's storm and past rain ... prayers needed for so many suffering through floods after drought!
    in His perfect love

  2. That is lovely you were able to get away for a few days as a family over Christmas. Wishing your family a great year ahead!

    The Careys

  3. Happy New Year. What a fabulous way to spend Christmas! To be able to travel with Georgie must have been great. Hope things aren't too wet in Dubbo. Best of luck to Emily for her trip to Vanuatu.

  4. Praying for you all and praying especially for our Georgie and praying the rain does not intrude too much into your lives.
    in His perfect love


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