Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday 19th

Dear friends we are all well and have been enjoying the Christmas break.
Greg and James went fishing with his cousin Pete and son Scott to Adaminaby for a few days. 4 fish in all and had a great time. We went for a walk up to Kosciusko one day which was fantastic. It was a beautiful clear day.
People often ask us how is Georgie? and has there been any change? can she talk yet? etc. so mostly we just have to say no not really. From time to time she is much more aware like yesterday when we were doing some stretching exercises with her and she was trying to sit forward and swinging her arms to let us know she was feeling it. So yes she doesn't just lie there unaware. Sometimes she will be agitated and if i sing to her she calms down.(at least someone appreciates my singing!)
The weather has been hot during the days but is mild enough in the late evenings to take her for a walk in the wheel chair down the road. It was beautiful yesterday in the late evening with the sky all purple and the moon already up, horses running in the paddocks and the reflections in the creek still full of water.

Some things to pray for:-
God's continued peace over our house.
The nurses who have become a bit familiar and lazy who cause tension at home.
For home care support to continue (there is some talk that some of the funding may dry up)
For Georgie to improve
Thankful that like last Christmas Georgie has had a good month.
Em as she leaves home and goes to Vanuatu on the 7th Feb

We are thankful to all who pray and friends who encourage us.
Ange and i have been reading Spugeons devotions which are very encouraging reminding us that God is a good God and we can rely on Him and that He answers prayer.


  1. Thank you so much , once again, for the update and wonderful news it contains - Praise to our wonderful God.
    Paul and I walked up Kosciusko many years ago -
    we felt like the only two people on earth, walking up ,with our Lord Jesus, and just so close to Heaven - what amazing blessings He touches us with....
    Prayers continue for you all; especially for our Georgie, and her care. So many answers to prayer to give thanks for and so freeing to give you all to our Faithful God.
    Still waiting for the day Georgie will be able to tell of her incredible (and long?) journey with our Lord with her all the way. Thankfulness for the very special family who care for and love her.
    Please let Em know prayers will go with her in this next step in her young life.
    Once again, special prayers for Greg and Ange, for continued peace, strength and deepening trust in our God's promises.
    in His Perfect Love

  2. Georgie remains on our monthly prayer list as she has right from the beginning.
    I love the photos of her, she is blessed to be so loved and cared for by her family.
    Wishing you all a peaceful 2011 and Georgie a healthy year.
    we are trusting in God's will for her life.
    Love & blessings,
    Doreen & the prayer group.

  3. HiGreg Ange Em James and especially Georgie
    You are always in my thoughts
    I pray for a great year for you all and a miracle for Georgie
    Love always
    In His love


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