Sunday, August 26, 2012

A week at Westmead

Last week we spent the whole week at Westmead in a care-by -parent room with Georgie.
She travelled well in the car and had a perfect settled week making all th eappointments possible and so much easier.
She had comprehensive reviews of neurology, endocrinology, physio, rehab, dental, occupational therapy, orthopaedics, respiratory. So a number of x-rays, blood tests, EEG.speech pathology - (not for speech help but just swallowing.)
She weighs 43kg and is about 145cm tall/long.
A few changes with medications.
She recieved lots of attention and many questions answered as to her overall physical condition and medications etc. We also gained a lot of tips here and there for her care.
Drs still do not know what caused Georgie's illness but sadly have had a a number of other children with the illness and said around the world it is now not uncommon. They felt confident that they would one day understand how it happens.
We will have to go down again in Nov for fitting of some foot and hand splints. We have had no help with this in Dubbo and fortunately the orthopaedics team at Westmead were so determined to help. Some of them were fighting back tears as we spoke of the situation and how little help had been forthcoming in this area. It is frustrating to say the least to have to constantly fight.
Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of the visit was the positivity with which Georgie was received. No one was talking any more of her passing on but rather that she has proved the test of time and so she should recieve all the attention necessary to make life as good as possible for her with a long term view in mind.
Please know they don't expect she can improve, but live - yes. Still there is prayer and a God who sees and hears - and answers.
The professor of neurology who oversaw Georgie's case from the start took me personally for a visit to Bear Cottage where he arranged for us to all go for a holiday. He said to me "I have wanted to be able to do something  for your family for a long time." I assured him he already had as he fought hard for Georgie for so long and it tested all his knowledge to do so. He asked me "greg does Georgie ever say anything" and he believed me when i told him yes sometimes she does. Sometimes it is just like a different language and sometimes there is an odd word that sounds familiar. Sometimes she makes other noises but often there is just silence.
We had lots of visitors from around the hospital.In fact we reckoned Georgie had more visitors last week than in the previous year! Nurses and Drs and friends all came to say hello.
James spent the week here on his own and we met him at Bathurst where his football team were playing their grand final. It was great to see them win. We were so proud of the boys. James plays fairly but hard and is getting known for his solid tackling.(You can tell I'm proud)

Having written all of this I am also feeling greatly for my African brother Moses and his wife and their elder daughter living in Uganda. Moses is a Ugandan man who also reads this blog and has led many others to pray for Georgie some years ago with prayer and fasting. and still prays for her. Moses came to Australia and stayed and visited with us. I heard him a number of times during the night up praying. Just a week ago he lost his little 8 month old second daughter to pneumonia and anaemia. We feel his loss greatly and would ask you please pray for him and his wife Rachel. Moses is currently running a gospel campaign in Uganda and our friends Mick and Janine from Nyngan are over there helping. We are so blessed in our country to have the medical help we do have although we often complain it is not perfect. Moses is a health worker and a pastor and he and Rachel have started an aids orphanage in Uganda which is greatly in need of development and support. They have recently commenced a blog at

Well we thank you for your ongoing prayer and love.

"All to Jesus I surrender, All to Him I freely give. I will ever love and trust Him, in His presence daily live. All to Jesus I surrender at Thy feet I humbly bow, worldy pleasures all forsaken, take me Jesus , take me now.
All to Jesus I surrender, Lord I give myself to Thee, Fill me with Thy love and power, Let They blessings fall on me" (Judson W. Van de Venter 1896)


  1. So glad that your time at Westmead was so positive. I'm so pleased to hear that.

    How awful for your friend Moses. I'll keep him and his family in my thoughts.

    Good on James and his team for their win!

    Thanks, Greg, for such a long and informative post. All the best,
    Cath xo

  2. thank you so much Greg, for letting us know all about Westmead visit - I was a week out but I know God knew the rught timing for my prayers! How wonderfully God intervened for Georgie's visit and all the attention 'our' Gerogie received - and the encouragement for you and Ange as well.
    You are right - medical science can only do so much - the rest is our Sovereign God's doing ... and He will do!!!! I have just finished reading "Nine Minutes Past Midnight" by Dr Ernest F. Crocker Aussie Doctor, who among other things, was founding Director of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound at Westmead Hospital. It is his story of, and intervies with others of, working with their 'Not So Silent Partner'. His, and many other's, stuggle of medicine (science) and the unexplained healing and intervention in some lives and not others...... wonderful and available from Koorong. I would love to send you a copy but have no address to do so, but do think it would be something you would really understand, maybe struggle with as I'm sure you already have, and appreciate our Sovereign God's intervention in people's lives. And Prayer!!!
    Will continue praying and sending many hugs to you all, and pray for your frined Moses and his wife, family and their work.
    How is the financial situation? Any answers as yet?
    And you have every right to be a very thankful and proud dad of all your children!
    in His Perfect Love


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