Monday, August 13, 2012


Dear friends well we are almost through winter and the winter wogs. It's been a long cold one but we thankfully have a warm room for Georgie. Now the days are warming we have been able to get her outside again. It is a nice time of year up here. I had a meeting with 3 ladies from dept ADHC about funding for Georgie. The main funding source will stop at the end of August. They have some funds which could possibly tide us over for a while. They have put her into the highest need category for home help funding but just have to wait and see whether they are successful. I also work in the dept agriculture and there are lots of rumours of cut backs at the moment including my section so praying for Gods leading here. He always provides. Georgie is booked into Westmead for several days the week after next where they can go over everything for her. We value your prayers in all these things. God bless


  1. Oh, gosh, Greg, such an unsettling time for you all. You're always in my thoughts, more so now.

    Soils Mark has been waiting for cutbacks at Wagga that will make him lose his job for close to 20 years, so I hope you're like him, Greg. Still there and still wondering in 20 years. You're too good to lose to the Dept.

    Take care,
    Cath xo

  2. Thanks for latest news, Greg, and as always, love and prayers for all you ask!
    Also, praise and thanks for spring on it's way soon and a warm room for your Georgie.
    Wondering how Ange is coping .......
    in His Perfect Love.

  3. Continuing in prayer ...... safe trip to Westmead, wisdom and discernment for medicos and God's will all the way ......
    Funding will find a way ..............


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