Thursday, July 26, 2012

Funding stopping

Hi, we just found out tonight that basically all of Georgie's funding will stop for at home help in August. The main fundor decided they have given her enough money and won't give anymore. This is really hard news.


  1. Gosh guys, that IS really hard news. I'm so sorry to hear this. Praying that God can make a way for the funding to continue even from a new source. He is able, He is faithful, He is our Provider.
    Please Yah, let there be someone somewhere who will help with more funding for precious Georgie. You have not abandonded this family once so please continue to make a way through.
    Thanks Yah.

    Love to you all x

  2. oh, gosh, that's just awful news. How can we help?

    Cath xo

  3. Oh dear Greg, praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - for other avenues to open,
    - for reconsideration,
    - provision of answers to our prayers ..............
    Amen to above prayers
    in His perfect name


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