Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear all, Georgie got over the worst of it all after about a week and is pretty much back on track again now. Thankyou for your prayers and messages. It's her 14th birthday tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday, Georgie!

    I hope you all have a lovely celebration, Greg.

    Love and prayers to you all.

    Cath xo

  2. Happy Birthday to Georgie, indeed. I realized this morning, Georgie is exactly twice our Madison's (grandaughter) age today and we are blessed.
    Apologies Greg - prayers and thoughts have not ceased, just my access to computer. I've had surgery (too many birthday's type), am fine. Pray today is very special for you all, so pleased to read how our wonderful God has been working in your lives, especially the wonderful nursing and visitors and Ange's great break. God's timing and provision never cease to amaze me .............
    My wonderful man now has my lunch ready, so will sign off and talk later......
    Continuing love and prayers, as always for healing and all your needs
    in His Perfect Love

  3. Happy belated 14th birthday to dear Georgie! You share a birthday with my twin sisters, Georgie! Did mum and dad read to you for your birthday? I bet you got some special gifts and had loads of special hugs and time with your family. Sending love from the top of the mountains x
    Lusi x


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