Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dear Friends, just letting you know Georgie has been very sick with seizures etc. It is the worst i've seen her for some time. It saddens me greatly, so I appreciate your prayers for peace for her. Ange is away for the week with her friend at the Hillsong conference for the first decent break in 5 years. She has been really enjoying some of the speakers and music. (so of course we don't tell Ange Georgie hasn't been well) Emily is here for the hols and been helping me.
We have some wonderful help lately with Georgie.
On Monday I was just starting to make a lamb casserole and the nurse said "I'll do that- I make a great lamb casserole". Was true too!
Have been listening to some wonderful preaching and teaching via podcast from Milton Ulladulla Baptist church both my former high school R.E teacher (Bernie Hughes still doing RE) and my former youth leader Dougy Knight (Senior pastor)are now based there.
It just helps so much to feed your mind on the things of God and the truth. I'm sure it's part of putting on the helmet of salvation.
A lovely friend (from Africa now Aussie) bought Georgie a new CD/mP3 player just recently. Funny but our CD player which we've had for about 19 years stopped working within a week. Now isn't God clever?
I've written out the lyrics of a song on a Jane Saunders CD for you. Probably highly illegal to write them out but if you like them maybe you can go buy the CD....(by Jane Saunders and Colin Buchanan)

The Other Side.
They are waiting over on the other side,
As your boat drifts out beyond our view
Saints are watching for you on that distant shore,
Oh, farewell.
Jesus will keep you 'til you reach the other side,
Can you hear Him calling your name?
Brothers and sisters gather to greet you there
Oh, you're home!
Angels are singing heavenly songs
Through our tears we sing along
You go before us with Jesus as your guide,
Oh, to the other side
One day we'll meet you - over on the other side,
When we're together we'll worship The Lamb.
We will be singing over on the other side,
Oh, Halelu.
And we'll be singing glorious songs
And all of heaven will sing along
Blessed reunion! Nothing will divide.
On the other side.

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  1. Oh gosh, Greg, I hope Ange has a super time away and that Georgie's fits settle down. So glad Em's with you and you have good nurses helping out.
    Thanks for the update. I'll up the prayers.

    Cath xo


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