Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear all just letting you know our funding for Georgie still hasn't come thru and current funding will run out mid Dec.We have some more visits to do at westmead later this month.ange is well and gone to Vic with James for a wedding so Georgie and I are on our own.
Work is very uncertain at present with the Govt cutbacks we've been told our jobs will finish in the near future.well it's just as well we know the one who knows our future.


  1. That's not good news re funding and work. I hope you enjoy your time alone with Georgie. Thanks for the continuing updates. I'm still praying with you.


  2. Hi Greg,
    Once again, Cath is so very right.....but we do know Whom we trust and we do know funding will come through. As for your future at work....I wonder just what God has in store?????????????????
    Read on Facebook todaya post which you may know: FAITH - forwarding all issues to heaven!
    Pray you and Georgie are having/had a very peaceful time and Ange and James a wonderful time - Mum and son time.
    Thanks once again for update and continuing to pray and looking forward to seeing just how God uses Georgie's time at Westmead.....and, of course her 'healing' ..
    in His Perfect Name


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