Thursday, November 15, 2012

Funding come thru

Dear all some good news at last - the funding application was successful so our home help can continue.its not quite as much as before but we are very relieved to get it.thankyou to all who have prayed in this regard and to The Lord for jobs I along with 300 others are all on affected staff list for either redeployment or redundancy.


  1. Yeah about the home help funding. That is very good news.

    300 redeployments/redundancies!?! Gosh, that would be a fair proportion of the staff! I hope that works out well for you, Greg.

    Cath x

  2. well, you answered my questions before I even asked .....we know is good, so thanks to Him for funding success and we wait, and pray, with you re job.
    Another question though, is Em home, with you all together ......
    Continuing prayer for Georgie's visit to Westmead and all that will entail ....
    in His perfect love

  3. Of course I mean God is good but you know I meant God!

  4. Praying for a very special, peaceful, joyous and holy Christmas and New Year period for the Brooke's Family ..........


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