Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday 17th April

Georgie is back to being comfortable again.
Well it is two years today since we found ourselves with Georgie suddenly in Westmead hospital.
Many battles, quite a few scars remaining.

We had talks with the hospital today about all the logistics of getting Georgie home on the 1st May. Initially we are just looking at day leave when she is well and utilising the hospital whenever needed and even for respite. Basically there is no service provided for children as it is so rarely needed. The hospital are doing a lot of work behind the scenes. They have applied on our behalf to get a nurse at home for her. This will take a lot of negotiation as they said there is no precedent for it in the area. We would have to advertise for ourselves to get someone if there was someone who was willing. Costs are great. Fortunately a fellow called Tom has come along and all off his own bat has organised a fund raising event for Georgie at a local hotel tonight. He is a retired drover. Hopefully this will help. It has also been a big strain on us emotionally with the publicity etc that has been necessary. Please pray that God will be glorified in all of this. Pray for Tom too he is not a Christian and has bone cancer which he says is terminal. He says he is always in pain (and it is evident at times)but a funny thing happens when he goes fund raising for Georgie he said all his pain just disappears.
Ange and Em went to Katoomba Convention and they said the best thing was the caretaker there had shared his story of how he and wife had fostered kids and had fostered a girl with cerebral palsy whom nobody would take on but they and church were praying for her and now she has been healed of the condition! She is 12 and Ange said she is stunningly beautiful and she even won a 100 metre sprint the other day. This after even when she was deemed to be improving the medicos said she would always walk with a limp.
We met a lovely old aboriginal lady the other day at the hospital. As soon as I saw her I knew she would be a Christian even before she spoke so i asked her are you a believer? She said "yes i am" and for the next hour and a half we talked about our love for God, sharing and building faith. She and her husband have been pastors in places like Bourke and Condobolin for many years. She said "our God is a wonderful healing God we have seen many miracles over the years". Even a boy who had his head run over by a landcruiser was healed and could hear the following day. He'd had so much internal head injury the drs said he would be a vegetable if he ever awoke.
Well we don't understand it all. We have seen other children we have been praying for healed of various things - two with cancer and yet not our Georgie - not yet anyway.


  1. Dear family, Our prays are with you all always. We will add the nursing issues to our list. Just wanting to let you know we are with you always in thought and pray.
    Love, hug, God Bless, Oberon Killeys.

  2. Oh dear Greg,
    Two years!!!
    We do keep praying and giving you all to our wonderfully loving and faithful God .... but, yes, there are just some things for which we need trust! Some things are inexplicable to us. Amazing, isn't it, that He keeps sending people into your lives to encourage, share, comfort and spend precious time with through your continuing journey. So special the time together for Ange and Em ......... how is James? Will pray for that seems insurmountable to us for Georgie to be home with you at times. With God, nothing is impossible. Love to you all and continued prayers for strength, peace, comfort and. of course, healing for Georgie. In His time, what a glorious story she will have to tell!
    luv2uall in His perfect love

  3. I believe God has great plans for Georgie, weather she gets her healing slowly or weather a mighty miracle will happen and she will be healed in a minute, this little girl has brought so many people together around the globe, many will see what God is doing in Georgies life has and is changing peoples lives, my unsaved daughter said, Wow mum God must have great plans for that little girl, we will continue to pray and believe and we will get resultsGod is Good, we love you Georgie we love you Brook family
    Gwen and Steven Butler


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