Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday onwards Georgie has had a good week so far this week.
Hospital and community services keen to get us home soon but they have achieved very little to actually get anything concrete done to assist us.
We have kept things moving from our end so a bit frustrating.
Hospital staff reiterated this week that they do not intend to resuscitate Georgie should any major complication arise. She really is in God's hands.
The plan is to start transitioning home so backwards and forwards from hospital a bit as needed. Will be pretty hard to let her out of sight again once she comes home though. If she is sick she can go straight back to the ward and bypass emergency and admissions.
A fundraiser to help with some of Georgie's needs went well. Ray Price and his wife Sandi and Terry leadbeater and Eric Groethe and their girlfriends all came up and helped auction off lots of football memorabilia. Ray and Sandi came out for brekky on sunday morning before they went home.
1 Chronicles 29 Davids prayer.

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