Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well the Dr came out for his first ever at home visit ( not just to us but anywhere) (See, there are still new things happening)
He believes the swelling on the ear is not inner but an outer ear infection caused most likely by a bacteria so has started antibiotics today. The swelling had gone down a little by this morning. It was just so swollen and angry. Doc said if it did not respond to antibiotics she may need to go into hospital.
He also could not believe the otherwise good condition that Georgie is in and told Ange that Georgie was such a fighter that she would have to be in the top 1% for determination to live. Ange did not go into length about all of the answers to prayer which we know is the reason. Georgie was always quietly determined and always finished the job - whatever it happened to be. Anyway I think these comments cheered Ange up considerably.
Georgie been very peaceful today.

A pastor from my youth; Max Knight used to pray "Come Lord Jesus , come quickly!" Lately that is our prayer too.


  1. What great comments from the doctor! Praise God for His encouragement. The kids + I had some prayer time (for "Georgie Brooks" as they all pray)outside just before lunch today especially for your little princess. We continue to pray for His glory to shine through this whole journey.
    Love the Austins x

  2. I'll pray that the antibiotics do their job, quickly.

    Fantastic that you brought the doctor out to you. It sounds like he enjoyed being a person and relating to you.

    We're still praying for you all.

    Take care.


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