Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear friends we thank you most sincerely for your continued support. We really value your continued prayer. I've been asked for a few specifics etc.
Dad said the other day God gives us grace one day at a time. Sometimes it is hard to feel it and other times there is a sudden peace which takes you beyond yourself.
We are asked "how are you bearing up" to be honest only just at times - there is no solution at hand really. People ask is it time consuming? Yesterday although we have lived in our house for nearly a year i said to Em "can we get TV out here?"-made me realise how infrequently we sit down.
It is hard and often continuous work with little respite. The respite we do get is from the Dubbo base hospital when Georgie is sick enough to warrant going in there and even then it is very stressful because it is always another case of life and death and talks of quality of life and suffering etc. and all of the worrying that comes with that always wanting to do what is right and not just what is easy or convenient for drs however nicely they try to put it all.
These times and talks are very demoralising and so we hang on at home until it is either completely beyond us or just plain unfair to Georgie. She escaped dying again last week when she was in there-against all expectations from medicos really. Nurses were very relieved to see her rally again and re-stabilise.
It is a cruel process and ange and i have been pondering lately the fact that we have not become nervous wrecks. esp as it was our 3rd night and day continuously with little rest. Georgie has just been so sick. Up at 3am the other morning I said to Ange "Now we are having fun!!!" Thank God for a sense of humour.
We have prayed all manner of ways and fasted and whatever else yet her life hangs by a thread it seems.
One thing we have become more certain of is her ability to be aware of what is going on so that she can be woken by touch or even sound and i think she can understand as well yet just cannot communicate back to us.
It tears our hearts out continually.
The strain is hard on Emily and James as well who have to watch her suffer sometimes. Yet Georgie must still be very determined to live. Drs say the whole medical world believe she has"superior genes" which we don't know about that, but sustained by prayer and by God for reasons not known to us we can only press on, believing that he who has begun a good work will see it through until the day of completion....To God be all praise.
The UnitingCare home help are a great help and reprieve to Ange and a real God-send. The head lady is always very positive and encouraging.

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