Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A few pics

Thought I'd put a few pics in for interest.

One is of Ange and Georgie at home going for a walk.

Another is of a mate praying for Georgie back at Westmead last year. (he had a son who is fine now who also had a trip to Westmead with hydro encephalytis and was in a coma for several days but was granted a miracle. The drs went in 3 times to take him to theatre for an operation and each time he sat up in bed. This unnerved the drs....)

The other is of one of the nurses at Westmead lovingly caring for Georgie.


  1. Hi this is Stassi i'am praying for you Georgie.

    from Stassi
    (lusi and Brett's daughter)

  2. Hi guys!
    Thanks for sharing these photos of your precious Georgie :) She is beautiful.
    Was really blessed by your last post Greg. God continues to use your guys and this situation in marvellous ways for His glory's sake.
    Love to you all,
    Lusi + Brett + the crew :)

  3. Hi Greg and Ange
    It's brief comment, but I'm praying.
    bless you


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