Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday 30th Oct

Some up and down days - the weekend was pretty good really.
On Saturday night Georgie just seemed to be more "there" than normal and so I stayed up until 1am reading to her when she went off to sleep. I think I've probably said before that as time has gone on we are more sure that Georgie can hear and probably even understand some of what we are saying. She often wakes up just from little touches now and sometimes from speaking to her she will open her eyes.

Been stinking hot up here lately but on Thursday we put down some turf so we now have a back lawn and James and I finished it IN THE RAIN - drizzled on and off during the night and we got 9mm of rain which helped no end. It cheered us up no end esp Ange.

Georgie has had episodes of rigors shaking lately maybe every few days her temp will suddenly flare up and she will shake. At the most recent blood test (that we were able to get a copy of that is) she still had a bacterial infection which she picked up in ICU at Westmead in 2007.

James enjoying the cricket season.

Em in Sydney on an art/history excursion overnight. Em and a friend and another fellow all getting baptised on Sunday.

This verse got me today.

Psalm 50 v 23
"Giving thanks is the sacrifice that honours me, and I will surely save all who obey me"

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