Friday, November 20, 2009


Georgie came home on wednesday afternoon and has been Ok. She battled off another round of whatever it is she has been fighting in hospital without any real intervention ie no anti biotics etc. We had long talks with drs which are very draining and against some predictions she pulled through again. She is just not ready to go anywhere that is all there is to it. She is in the Lord's hands and we trust Him as her Father so we must just be resolved that He has these things in His hands for whatever reason. Still we pray. I think we have almost learnt what it is to pray continually, even though sometimes it is not much more than a "Lord; Georgie..."
Took her for a walk yesterday evening - in the wheelchair. (I have to add this as a girl from school thought I meant Georgie was walking by herself and told her whole class!) If only.
"The Lord is faithful.... He will strengthen and protect you".
2 Thessalonians 3:3.

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  1. Hi Greg

    Bless you guys.

    Love you lots
    Mirrie and Ron


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