Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday 15th Feb afternoon

Not so good today. Georgie been sick again.
Homecare told Ange that Georgie was looking skinny - so she's not happy.
We can only feed her as much as she will take which lately has not been a lot.

(PS Someone asked me today how to leave a comment.
Underneath each update is the word comments and if you click on that and wait a few moments it will show you how to.)


  1. Hi Greg,

    Praying for you all

    Love Mirrie and Ron

  2. Okay, so we need more specific prayer!!!!! Coming your way right now!
    Greg: please see Monday morning for comment on 'Godincidence' (no coincidences in a believer's life!).

    luv&prayers in HIs perfect love


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